OpenCV is pretty powerful in that, it does not stop with computer vision related functionality. It has this, very powerful DNN (Deep Neural Network) module that can parse and use pre-trained models from several popular deep learning tool kits. In this video, I explain how we can take a popular deep learning based, pre-trained Caffe model and use it in OpenCV. While doing so, we will use OpenCV’s HAAR Cascade module to detect faces and send the age and gender detection model just the cropped…Continue Reading “Age and gender detection with OpenCV on the Raspberry Pi”

Installing OpenCV on Raspberry Pi can be an intermediate challenge, but the rewards can be great! In this video, I show you how to install OpenCV step by step on a Raspberry Pi running the Raspbian operating system. This article is a companion article to the video of the same title on YouTube, which you can watch below. I recommend you start with a fresh install of the latest version of Raspbian and on boot, update the system. Install the package debian-goodies and see what…Continue Reading “Installing OpenCV on the Raspberry Pi”